Motta Design products

The equipment is the result of a careful and in-depth study aimed at obtaining:

Minimum costs

Our regular customers are workshops that carry out repairs on zippers, even if they have already been applied to the garment, companies that must have the flexibility to quickly prepare zips of all sizes for sampling, haberdashery and more.

Maximum simplicity of construction and use

Our equipment shall be capable of being used and adjusted by any operator, even without any mechanical knowledge.
The equipment offers specific and optimal solutions for all assembly and finishing operations of zippers. They are designed and manufactured in Italy, with the best quality materials and workmanship. Sturdy, easy to use, with little operator effort, they guarantee excellent results.

We also supply a wide range of components for zippers.

For orders, specific requests and / or more information please contact us by e-mail or fax.


Automatic and manual tools to gap, shorten and cut zippers, to attach stops, for sliders, for open-end zippers.
For metal, plastic molded and coil zippers.


Top and bottom stops, open end components.
For metal, plastic and coil zippers.


Accessories and spare parts for all our equipment.